PlantTAGG Mobile App Now Available in App Stores

PlantTAGG Mobile App Now Available

PlantTAGG Mobile App Now Available in App Stores

We are thrilled to announce that the PlantTAGG mobile app is now available in the Apple iPhone and Google Play app stores! 

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The number one most requested feature by gardeners is a native mobile app. So, the PlantTAGG mobile app is the logical next step in our mission to make PlantTAGG the most comprehensive plant and plant care information available.

PlantTAGG Mobile App - App Store Icon
Look for the PlantTAGG Mobile App icon in the app stores & download today!

So far, the most common question we’ve received is whether or not an existing PlantTAGG user will be required to switch from the web app to the native mobile apps. The short answer is no. The web app will continue to deliver the same PlantTAGG functionality.

However, the native PlantTAGG mobile app will have a few extra features:

  • In-app/push notifications for care tasks recommended for your plants. This means real-time care guidance throughout the month vs. the single monthly text reminder.
  • Stronger credentials. This sets the stage for more yard collaboration.

PlantTAGG Mobile App – Credentials

If an existing PlantTAGG user chooses to transition to a native app experience, there is an easy process for making sure your PlantTAGG Yard makes the move. First, download the new mobile app. Then (and this is important), during the setup process, credential yourself using your mobile number (and not the new email + password option). Using your mobile number is the only way your existing Yard (including all your plants) will move to your new native app.

If you’re new to PlantTAGG – welcome! Setting up credentials is easy once you’ve downloaded the PlantTAGG mobile app from your preferred app store. New users can credential via your mobile number or your email/password and then move into setting up your Yard, etc. 

PlantTAGG Lite – For Community Gardens & Garden Centers

Nothing changes for those using PlantTAGG in one of the PlantTAGG-enabled community gardens or garden centers. We will continue to use the web app (now called “PlantTAGG Lite”) in community gardens and garden centers as a lightweight way to offer quick access to PlantID, Comprehensive Plant Profiles, Thrive Scorecard, Companion Plants, and My Favorites. 

For more advanced use (including features such as Yard setup, plant care, Landscaping, ‘Ask an Expert’ and ‘Last Seen At’), you likely will want to download the native PlantTAGG mobile app.

PlantTAGG Mobile App – Backed by Master Gardeners

The native mobile app launch comes on the heels of an exciting spring garden tour season. We PlantTAGG-enabled the Dallas County Master Gardener Association Spring Garden TourWhite Rock Lake East Garden Tour, and the Collin County Master Gardeners’ Walk in Myers Park. More than 1,000 people used PlantTAGG in the gardens to learn about the beautiful plants. In fact, over 50 community gardens and tours have been PlantTAGG-enabled, and we have more to come. 

Why PlantTAGG

PlantTAGG is the most comprehensive and accurate plant care app available. There are more than 6,000 plants in our library – combined with localized, accurate information created by our team of certified Master Gardeners. If you haven’t set up your yard in PlantTAGG, there’s never been a better time to try it!

To get the app, click the link below or go directly to the app store today:


PlantTAGG Mobile App Now Available

Thank you for your ongoing support of our mission to make gardening easy and fun for gardeners of all levels.

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