Spring Garden Tours with PlantTAGG

Spring Garden Tour at White Rock Lake

Spring Garden Tours with PlantTAGG

We are glowing with excitement over the PlantTAGG-enabled Spring Garden Tours across North Texas. Of course, it’s incredible to see the amazing private and community gardens. We love the beautiful native plants, unique specimens, and colorful flowers. And, it’s been especially great to hear feedback from everyone who experienced PlantTAGG in the gardens. Over 1000 people used PlantTAGG technology to enhance their garden experiences! And, we are thrilled to welcome them to our thriving community


It’s truly an honor to see these spaces any time. However, there’s something special about a tour in Spring. Dallas County Master Gardener Association’s Tour Chairman Nancy Black put it best, “We’re excited that visitors will see the gardens during the prime growing season. It’s a great opportunity to get ideas for their own gardens and learn from experts.”


We included a few images for you to enjoy. If you have other photos, please share and tag @planttagg! 



After the Garden Tour – Set Up Your Yard in PlantTAGG 

If you attended a garden tour event, drop us a line. We’d love to help bring some of the tour ideas to life in your yards. Our horticulture experts are available to answer questions and help get your yard set up in PlantTAGG. It’s super easy to use PlantTAGG at home. And, you can begin creating your tour-worthy garden! You can set up your yard in a few clicks – and get instant access to master gardener curated info about your favorite plants, flowers, trees, grasses, and more! 



Highlighted Garden Tour Stops

  • Dallas County Master Gardener Association Spring Garden Tour – Seven gardens owned or managed by Master Gardeners (including six home gardens and a school garden featuring 30 native plants). Highlights: gardening techniques for North Texas, including native plants, roses, Japanese Maples, butterfly gardens, composting, and more. 
  • White Rock Lake Garden Tour – Features an eclectic mix of gardens, from modern and European-style landscaping to native areas and self-planted urban farms. Nine homes from White Rock neighborhoods Casa Linda Estates, Forest Hills, and Little Forest Hills provide exclusive access to view estate and high-density garden concepts created by local gardeners and plant enthusiasts. 
  • A Walk in the Park at Meyers Park in McKinney Tour – A Master Gardener Association sponsored event. Visitors can stroll the perennial garden, annuals garden, herb garden, vineyard, shade garden, shrub and grasses garden, potager garden, vegetable garden, and the new children’s garden, which was funded by Whole Foods 5% Giving Day.



We dropped a list of all the plants featured in the gardens over in the PlantTAGG community forum here. So many beautiful options! 

Spring Garden Tour at The Garden at Anne Frank Elementary School in North Dallas

The Garden at Anne Frank Elementary School in North Dallas

Spring Garden Tour at the Seidel Home
The Seidel Garden in Richardson
Spring Garden Tour at Bolz
The Bolz Garden in Farmers Branch


Spring Garden Tour at White Rock
White Rock Garden Tour


Why a PlantTAGG-enabled Tour is Better

PlantTAGG works closely with Garden Tour coordinators, Botanical Gardens, and Master Gardener Associations. In fact, we love to PlantTAGG-enable residential and community gardens for tours and visitors. Tours that leverage PlantTAGG are better for planners and visitors alike. Using PlantTAGG, visitors can access the most current horticultural information about featured plants using their phones. And, tour coordinators can rest easy knowing the most accurate and interesting information is available for all featured plants – regardless of the size of your team! 


Are you planning a tour in your area? We’d love to help! Reach out to social@planttagg.com and let us know if we can help with your garden tour today!

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Comments (3)

  • Denni Zurchin Reply

    Thank you for the PlantTAGG reminders. I just love my pollinator garden. It’s doing so well that I have relocate some , they are going gang busters and I intend to make another garden. Thank you for this program.

    June 5, 2022 at 3:15 pm
  • Maggie Knipps Reply

    Great pictures and info! We really enjoyed the May 1st tour of seven gardens and school. When will we get to see the list of plants at each garden? Especially interested in all the Japanese maples at the one beautiful yard. Thanks!

    June 5, 2022 at 3:52 pm

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