Fertilizer Care Tasks in PlantTAGG

Fertilizer Care Tasks in PlantTAGG

Using fertilizer to optimize your soil nutrients is easy with PlantTAGG. The fertilizer tasks are divided into two main categories: (1) general and (2) type, where you can customize based on your yard. In this post, we review how to use the fertilizer care tasks within the PlantTAGG app.

Why Use Fertilizer?

Determining the right fertilizer is essential for a successful season in your garden and yard. We discussed general fertilizer tips on the blog a few weeks ago. Fertilizers are labeled with an NPK ratio, which tells you the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These nutrients can encourage flower production, improve the soil structure, help distressed plants, and more. Not all plants require fertilizing, but most flowering plants, fast-growing lawns, and vegetables require a nutrient boost through a fertilizer formula. PlantTAGG makes it easy for you to determine the optimal schedule for your yard and plants.

General Fertilizer Care Tasks Based on Plant Category

You can find your fertilizer care tasks located in your ‘Care Tasks’ tab. In PlantTAGG, each plant has a ‘General Fertilizer’ task based on its category (e.g., shrub, tree, succulent, flower, herb, and others). General tasks include tips and best practices for that specific type of plant. This task appears once a year unless you delete it.

General Fertilizer Care Tasks in PlantTAGG

Fertilizer Care Tasks Based on Fertilizer Type

You can customize your tasks based on the type of fertilizer you use (i.e., liquid, granular, slow release). For example, liquid fertilizers may require more frequent applications than granular ones.

Once you’ve set up your yard, fertilizer tasks will show in your Care Task list. If there are multiple tasks for a single plant, this means there are several methods that will work for your plant! You can read through the notes and decide which one works best for you. Once you determine the type you’ll use, you can delete the other tasks so that they no longer show up on your task list.

Fertilizer Type - Care Tasks in PlantTAGG

The recurrence of Fertilizer tasks is a function of which one you use. Liquid fertilizer tasks repeat every 30 days, granular every 60 days, and slow release every 90 days. Once you complete or skip a task, PlantTAGG will look to the rule and add the next one to your list.  Unless you uncheck ‘Show 30 Days’ in the task filter, you will not see the next scheduled task until 30 days or less until the task is due for completion.

Keep in mind if you ‘Delete’ a task, you will never see it again – ever.  So, before you delete any task, make sure it’s not one you would be better off suspending, completing or skipping.

Finally – you can create your own user-defined tasks with a custom recurrence schedule and notes at any time. These user-defined tasks will remind you just like system-generated ones.

From there, you’re ready to go!

Selecting the right fertilizer is an essential step to maintaining your lawn and garden. If you have questions about which one is best for your garden, ask your local garden center for advice – or check out our ‘Ask an Expert’ feature in the PlantTAGG app!

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