Caring for plants can be overwhelming to gardeners of all levels. PlantTAGG® connects garden center retailers and consumers to drive engagement, loyalty, and incremental business – with personalized plant care in store, on-line and at home.

Personalized Engagement Drives Loyalty, Store Visits & Incremental Purchases.

In-Store, PlantTAGG Is Your Knowledgeable, Always-Available, Friendly Associate

PlantTAGG’s comprehensive library of thousands of plant profiles comprised of information licensed from leading horticulture institutions and supplemented and curated by certified Master Gardeners will take the shopping experience at your garden center to another level.

At Home You Are A 'Trusted Advisor' 24 x 7

At home, the PlantTAGG mobile app delivers real-time hyper-local plant-specific care for every plant in a gardener’s yard – perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees and even houseplants! We will even help diagnose plant problems and recommend companion plants. Our expert care guidance is driven by patented and proven data science and cutting-edge AI.

AI-Enable Your Website Experience

Our ‘Plant Search & Ask-an-Expert’ website widget offers your site visitors the rich ability to research and choose plants that work for their exact location, micro-climates and purpose. The widget also includes powerful AI-driven plant health analysis, diagnosis and remediation to uploaded pictures of 80 possible plant problems. The expert response is specific to the selected plant, precise location, planting conditions and time of year. It also includes our patented Thrive Scorecard® and Companion Plants tools to help your site visitors achieve higher levels of gardening success!

Promote ‘Suggested Products’ For Your Selected Plants

Easily add suggested products such as soil and mulch, plant-specific nutrients, pest management and other hardlines to ‘All’ plants, plant categories or individual plants. These suggested products will be presented when store shoppers using PlantTAGG view a plant profile. Products can even be linked to an on-line store.

Comprehensive Analytics, Reporting & Self-Services Engagement Tools

PlantTAGG’s secure partner portal provides real-time insights on usage, geographic customer density around store locations and self-service features to tailor the user experience and drive engagement.

Engage With Your Affiliated PlantTAGG Gardeners

Using PlantTAGG’s outbound marketing system you can send customized messages, offers, deals, and even redeemable discounts via text.

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