Plant Identification Now Available in PlantTAGG

Plant Identification Now Available in PlantTAGG

It’s been an incredible summer as we continue to add innovative new features that make gardening success a reality for PlantTAGG users. And today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that after months of intense R&D, PlantTAGG’s Plant ID is now available!

Most plant identification apps offer limited and often unreliable identification. PlantTAGG’s Plant ID uses cutting-edge image recognition technology and presents a complete plant profile – a digital Plant Tag – for each plant. In turn, PlantTAGG’s Plant ID helps you add plants to your yard faster and easier than ever before.

What does plant identification mean for PlantTAGG users?

While our core focus is on plant care, we understand that identifying the plants you have or want can be challenging. Now, you can identify plants anywhere—whether you’re at a botanical garden, a friend’s house, on a local hiking trail, or even in your own yard—and automatically add them to your Favorites gallery. This makes it easy for you to pull them up the next time you’re at your local garden center.

And it’s just as easy to add plants to your MyYard zones. Our AI technology evaluates the climatic data based on where your yard is located. Then, it calculates a precise growing season for each plant. The result is hyper-local, accurate, and reliable plant care guidance at your fingertips.

PlantTAGG Plant ID uses cutting-edge image rec technology

 How Plant Identification Works in PlantTAGG

We focused on two goals for our Plant ID feature: (1) create a fantastic user experience and (2) deliver reliable results. Initial feedback from early testers tells us that we’ve excelled on both!

To identify a plant, snap a close-up photo of a flower or leaf or submit one from your library, and PlantTAGG will quickly tell you what it is.

PlantTAGG Plant ID Screenshots

PlantTAGG Plant ID Screenshots

Scientists discover an average of 2,000 new species of plants each year. An exact number of plant species that exist is almost impossible to determine, but experts estimate ~370,000. Sometimes, biologists can take years to confirm whether one is a unique species or variation. Fortunately, it’s not that complicated for cultivated plants. Cultivated plants comprise a more reasonable 800 species in North America. And, many varieties and derivatives are created by horticulturists and commercial cultivars.

PlantTAGG Plant ID – Built from the Ground-Up

We considered partnering with one of the established plant ID apps for this capability. However, we quickly realized that the crowd-sourced databases do not provide the reliability we need for a few reasons:

  • Many of the images are not high quality or curated, which makes accurate identification a challenge.
  • None of them present a complete ‘Plant Tag’ or profile, and identifying plants is the beginning of the journey. The bigger challenge is providing proper care for them based on what they are and where you live.
  • The incomplete or inaccurate information would mean we couldn’t deliver proper care guidance, which goes against our core mission.

We built PlantTAGG Plant ID from the ground-up—with highly scrutinized input from our horticulture experts. There are millions of unique plant variations in the PlantTAGG library. This includes several thousand botanical species, each with attributes such as sunlight, water, soil, growth and pH. These attributes then adapt to your location. Each plant has been hand-selected and curated by our horticulturists, giving us an extremely high accuracy rate on identification and care guidance.

With PlantTAGG, you can identify all kinds of plants such as:

  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Grasses
  • Ferns
  • Vines
  • Cacti/Succulents

Get Started with PlantTAGG Plant ID

It’s been an exciting few months since we made PlantTAGG generally available. We’re adding new users to the platform each day, so thank you for helping us get the word out to your neighbors, families and friends!

PlantTAGG is the most comprehensive source of accurate and geographically relevant plant care information. Our data and AI-driven platform comprises world-class data sources, including the US Department of Agriculture, NOAA, Texas A&M AgriLife, EagleView, and a team of global horticulture experts.

If you’re not already using PlantTAGG, it’s easy to get started. Text ‘PLANTS’ to 46376—it’s free to use with nothing to download or install. With PlantTAGG, you’ll have complete personalized plant care at your fingertips—and now, the most reliable and accurate plant identification as well.

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