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Based in Dallas Texas, the PlantTAGG® team has been at the forefront of technology innovation for consumers, brands, and retailers for over 15 years. We are driven by a passion to improve the success gardeners of all levels have with plant ownership through technological innovation. PlantTAGG is a data and AI-driven platform comprising top expert sources including certified Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, North Carolina State University, US Department of Agriculture, NOAA and a wealth of global horticulture experts and data scientists.

Today’s mobile technologies provide the powerful ability to deliver a highly localized experience to the gardener which we believe is a critical factor in the data science and artificial intelligence we have built into PlantTAGG. As gardeners use PlantTAGG, machine learning causes the system to get smarter! With so many variables to consider such as climate, environment, location and plant genetics, it’s a wonder we are able to have any success gardening. A lack of information is the problem – plant peril is the symptom. To solve the problem we have assembled a team of entrepreneurs, horticulturists and data scientists to build a world-changing platform. Its no small feat, but we are making it happen – come join us on the journey!

Meet The Team

Andrew Levi
Software Entrepreneur, Inventor, SCUBA DiveMaster, Cyclist, Musician, Pilot, Bee Keeper
Brad Bauer
Father, Grandfather, Entrepreneur, Inventor
Brad Rushing

EntrepreneurInventor, Artist, Creative Master, BBQ & Grill Enthusiast


Babar Bhatti
AI and Machine Learning Leader
Mike Covert
Consumer & Digital Marketing Expert
Daniel Cunningham

Rooted In Founder, Horticulturist

Past President Dallas County Master Gardener Association, Retired Anesthesiologist
Cynthia Jones
Gerry Moore
USDA PLANTS Database Lead, Plant Scientist
Emerging Technology Marketing & Communications
Mary Catherine Petermann

Owner/Operator Ruibal’s Plants of Texas

Mark Ruibal
Carl Sparks
Venture Capitalist, Ecommerce Executive
Clint Wolfe

Rooted In Founder, Horticulturist