PlantTAGG Launches Mobile Webapp to Simplify Home Plant Care - PlantTAGG
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PlantTAGG Launches Mobile Webapp to Simplify Home Plant Care

PlantTAGG Launches Mobile Webapp to Simplify Home Plant Care

Complimentary Service Gives Residential Gardeners Relevant Monthly Plant Care Notifications for the Plants in their Yard


DALLAS, May 13, 2020 – PlantTAGG® emerged from stealth today with the launch of a unique mobile webapp that helps home gardeners take care of their plants. Plant care can be overwhelming to gardeners of all levels. PlantTAGG® delivers gardeners relevant and timely plant care information. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, PlantTAGG® is free to use and works with any mobile device.


Consumers want relevant, actionable information pushed to them when they need it. Plant care information is no exception. The most common questions around home gardening are when to prune, fertilize and water. Collecting this information is a manual, tedious process, but PlantTAGG® makes it easy. PlantTAGG® aggregates geographically relevant information from a variety of expert sources, including Texas A&M AgriLife Research, USDA’s PLANTS database, plant care research projects, horticulture experts, and 10,000 local NOAA weather stations. The result is hyper-local plant information and recommendations that remove the guesswork out of plant care.


“PlantTAGG is the first service built specifically for localized plant care,” said Andrew Levi, PlantTAGG® founder and CEO. “Most plant tags today offer limited information, specific to where the plant was grown and not necessarily where your yard is located. With our patent-pending AI-driven platform, PlantTAGG gives users localized plant care guidance that helps them keep their plants alive and thrive.”


AI-Driven Mobile Platform: Simple & Free to Use

PlantTAGG® is a unique mobile-only platform driven by innovative data science. There are no apps to download and no passwords to remember. Users can get started in three simple steps: (1) text ‘PLANT’ to 46376, (2) Click the response webapp link, and (3) follow the instructions to set up ‘My Yard’ in the app. ‘My Yard’ is the foundation of the PlantTAGG® experience. PlantTAGG® connects each yard to the closest NOAA weather station to get accurate freeze, participation and temperature data. This data allows the system to automatically define localized gardening seasons and set up care tasks and reminders. The system also helps gardeners make better plant selection decisions based on where they live.


“PlantTAGG takes a unique approach to plant care management,” said Clint Wolfe, Program Manager at Texas A&M AgriLife Research. “I’m excited to join the team as an advisor and help bring forward a solution that helps consumers better manage their home gardens to leverage natural resources, keep plants healthy, conserve water, and create beautiful spaces.”


About PlantTAGG

PlantTAGG, LLC. is a unique mobile webapp technology platform that simplifies home gardening. PlantTAGG® combines premiere plant data sources with artificial intelligence, machine learning, patent-pending algorithms, and hyper-local weather data to bring localized plant care to gardeners via an easy-to-use and manage mobile platform. PlantTAGG® was founded in 2019 in Dallas, TX. For additional information, visit or follow @planttagg on Facebook and Instagram.


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