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landscaping service hedging a shrub

Landscaping Service – Why You Should Use a Professional

A well-maintained landscape takes a lot of forethought and hard work, especially for it to shine all year. While you might have some general landscaping knowledge, hiring an experienced professional can help. This article focuses on the benefits of working with a professional landscaping service and several considerations to keep in mind when planning residential garden areas....

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person mowing a beautiful yard that includes all landscape design principles

How to Apply Landscape Design Principles to Your Garden

Landscape design principles are ideals used to create visually appealing landscapes. Applying these principles can produce a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. This article reviews how to apply landscape design principles to your yard and garden for maximum impact. It provides examples around four landscape design principles: order, proportion, repetition, and unity. ...

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dallas county master gardener and planttagg

PlantTAGG and Dallas County Master Gardener Association Set Gold Standard in Gardening

We are thrilled to announce our new PlantTAGG and Dallas County Master Gardener Association (DCMGA) partnership. This partnership sets the gold standard in local gardening. It combines sophisticated, easy-access technology with proven, research-based horticultural information for gardeners of all levels - backed by Texas Master Gardeners. Through this relationship, visitors to DCMGA community gardens reap the benefits of an immersive experience inside the gardens. And, you can take that unique experience home on your mobile phone – with no apps to download or install and no credentials to remember. Learn more about this unique partnership here....

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