Identify and learn about plants using your mobile phone when shopping at a garden center, on a neighborhood walk, or in your local community garden.


Choose from our Master Gardener curated landscape design styles.  PlantTAGG automatically recommends plants to help you achieve the perfect look.


Make smarter plant choices!  Thrive Scorecard® lets you know which flowers and plants will thrive based on your precise yard conditions.


Know exactly how to care for all your plants based on where you live, the parameters of each microclimate (sun, water, soil), and the needs of each plant.

Plant Recommendations Backed by Science Without Bias

The number one question asked of garden centers and experienced gardeners is “can you recommend plants for my yard”. This is not an easy question to answer. A thoughtful response must consider many factors such as the climatic conditions of the planting location, sunlight, moisture and soil, but also the style and desired features of the plant. Our ‘Suggest a Plant’ feature uses cutting edge data science in response to your input to recommend plants that will best meet your needs.

The Right Plants for the Right Conditions

Using PlantTAGG’s proprietary Thrive Scorecard® technology, PlantTAGG predicts the growing success of every plant in your Yard. It’s optimized for each of your configured Zones based on geography, microclimate, and the needs of each individual plant.

Garden with Confidence

Rest assured you have the most accurate and precise guidance for your exact location and plants. PlantTAGG uses cutting-edge data science and world-class plant content from the USDA, Texas A&M, North Carolina State, NOAA, certified Master Gardeners and our dedicated team of horticulture experts. Add custom recurring tasks with reminders to ensure your gardening success. The more you use PlantTAGG the smarter it gets as it learns how you garden.

 Location, Location, Location

Once you establish your Yard, PlantTAGG automatically builds a custom season map for your precise location. Location is the most important factor in gardening success, especially microclimates such as sunlight, moisture, soil, and pH. Don’t forget your houseplants and outside containers!

Unlimited Zones and Plants
Instantly access PlantTAGG’s extensive plant library with the most comprehensive plant profiles available – all hand crafted by our team of Master Gardener ‘At-Home Botanists’. Search for plants from the library or use your phone’s camera for plant picture identification. From there you’ll have accurate care guidance based on plant growing dimensions, preferred sunlight, water soil and pH at your fingertips for all your plants including annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, vegetables, turf grass, houseplants and more!

Changing The World, One Happy Plant At A Time

PlantTAGG is helping gardeners across the country achieve higher levels of gardening success every day!
But don’t just take our word for it – hear from our user community.
PlantTAGG is amazing! It helps me figure out exactly how to care for plants native to California and tells me when its time to prune and fertilize.
Finally: gardening brought into the 21st century! PlantTAGG uses the latest technology to provide home gardeners customized tips for success just when they need it.
Master Gardener, Master Naturalist
PlantTAGG makes fertilizing EASY! I don't have to keep up with which plant needs which fertilizer when. Thanks - one less thing I have to do!
I'm a critical care nurse, wife and mom. Needless to say, we survive on checklists. PlantTAGG makes it so easy to know exactly what my garden needs at exactly the right time. I love it.
Landscape Your Yard
Use PlantTAGG’s landscaping feature to create the perfect yard enhancement. Choose from pre-configured landscape designs complete with plants hand-picked by Master Gardeners for your location and design style. PlantTAGG can even suggest ‘Companion Plants’ based on what you have or may add.

Some of Our Partners

Expert Help When You Need It
Powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence and image recognition, ‘Ask an Expert’ can diagnose up to 80 unique plant problems and provide answers tailored to your specific plant, precise location, planting conditions, and time of year.
Find Plants Faster
Ever been in search of a specific plant and spent hours driving between garden centers to find it? ‘Last Seen At’ knows what PlantTAGG-sponsored garden centers have had plants recently based on store visitors using PlantTAGG to make in-store plant selections. PlantTAGG knows when each plant was last seen and will even provide a map with directions to get there.
Explore the World
When you are on a neighborhood walk, visiting a community garden or on a hike in nature, use PlantTAGG to help you identify and ‘Favorite’ plants you discover. PlantTAGG will even help you make smart plant selection decisions at your local garden center.

Digging Deeper

Our goal is to improve the success gardeners of any experience level have growing all plants. We are
proud to be introducing gardening to a new demographic of gardeners while putting world-class plant
content in the hands of gardeners of all walks of life. Live healthy – garden happy!

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