How to Use PlantTAGG in a Garden Center

Lady using PlantTAGG in a Garden Center

How to Use PlantTAGG in a Garden Center

It’s a beautiful sunny day, and you finally have time to tackle that front yard project. You’ve done the measurements, analyzed the sunlight, and tuned your irrigation system. Now it’s time to hityour local garden center. A little prep goes a long way! This article walks you through using the PlantTAGG app in your local garden center to make it fast, easy and fun to create the garden of your dreams. 

PlantTAGG in a Garden Center – Remove the Guesswork

Plant lovers are overwhelmed with options. One quick search brings up thousands of plants. Of course, this fast anytime access is excellent if the information and advice are accurate and relevant for where you live.

When you don’t have time (or budget) to trial-and-error your way around a garden center, let PlantTAGG help! PlantTAGG offers quick and credible suggestions on smart plant purchases and care. We partner with garden centers and Master Gardeners to make it easier than ever to get faster, better recommendations on what to plant.

Here are three ways to use PlantTAGG in a garden center to remove the guesswork and get the yard and garden you desire:  

1. Plant Recommendations Backed by Science Without Bias

PlantTAGG’s ‘Suggest a Plant’ feature uses cutting-edge technology to match your plant requirements with the perfect plants, trees, and flowers.


using 'suggest a plant' PlantTAGG in a garden center
PlantTAGG’s ‘Suggest A Plant’


If you’ve been struggling with a decision on what to plant, PlantTAGG’s ‘Suggest a Plant’ is for you! Using PlantTAGG in a garden center is easy. Simply create your list of suggested plants (save to ‘Favorites’ in the app) and go!

PlantTAGG uses multiple data points to determine whether a plant will work in your yard. Some parameters include plant size, sunlight, moisture, location, climate, bloom time and more. We cross-reference that information with your geographic location and popular plants that gardeners closest to you have grown successfully. You can review the plant options and various attributes to help you confidently choose the plants that best meet your needs. No more guesswork!

You can find ‘Suggest a Plant’ in the menu at the top right corner of the PlantTAGG app. Try it today — or see it in action here:

2. The Right Plants for the Right Conditions

PlantTAGG’s proprietary Thrive Scorecard™ gives you the confidence to make better plant and product purchase decisions based on what will thrive in your yard.


using Thrive Scorecard by PlantTAGG in a garden center
PlantTAGG’s Thrive Scorecard


We’ve all been there. You’re at the garden center and walk by a table full of colorful flowers. Immediately you think how lovely they would be in the front left bed. But you need to find out if the area gets enough sunlight and if that specific plant would work. Now you have a choice: purchase them anyway, only to find out the hard way that the plant is not suited for that particular bed, or pull up your PlantTAGG app and use Thrive Scorecard.

Thrive Scorecard predicts, with astonishing accuracy, a plant’s chances of success in your yard. The feature is powerful and optimized for the needs of each plant based on your geographic location and specific microclimates in your yard. The results present clear red-yellow-green color indicators to make selection easier. When using PlantTAGG in a garden center, you can select the right plants faster.

Thrive Scorecard is located as a button at the bottom of every plant profile in PlantTAGG. Try it today — or see it in action here:


3. The Best Companion Plants 

Let’s assume the plant that caught your eye has a high Thrive Score. You choose to go with them—after all, they complement your yard and make the most of the space. Then, before you head to self-checkout, you decide to get two or three other plants to keep your new beauty company. Which plants best go with your selection—and more, which companion plants will thrive in your yard? Ask PlantTAGG.

Companion planting is not a new concept. It is a popular gardening technique where you grow complementary plants to help each other grow. When grown next to each other, companion plants help each other collect and maximize their nutrients, handle pests better, grow faster, and even produce higher yields for vegetable and fruit plants. What makes PlantTAGG’s Companion Plant capability unique is the added data point on whether certain plants will work in your yard. Additionally, it considers what other people in your geography are having success with as well.

Using PlantTAGG Makes Plant Buying Better

Self-service has been on the rise for a few years now, and it shows no sign of slowing. Today you will find self-service access in every facet of retail—from grocery checkout to bank ATMs, gas pumps and quick-serve restaurants to sundry stores with no store associates. Responsive, well-designed self-service is a fast-growing trend and the preferred interaction of the younger generation. Gardening is no exception. 

Using PlantTAGG in the garden center can give you the edge to make smarter plant purchase decisions, especially if you are a plant or nature enthusiast. Created by certified Master Gardeners, PlantTAGG is free to download and use. So, what are you waiting for? Download it today and head to your local garden center to get started on that front yard project.

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