15 Colorful Flowers to Enjoy this Summer

15 Colorful Flowers to Enjoy this Summer

Summer is a great time to see your garden full of colorful flowers. The perfect summer flower is cheery, stays vibrant in extreme heat, smells great, and makes you smile. Now is the right time to be planning which blooms you want to enjoy this summer in your flower garden. Below is a list of 15 enchanting blooms you should consider for your garden. What other colorful flowers are you considering this planting season? 


Colorful Flowers: Perennials 



Dahlias scream summer! They are one of the largest summer flowers, with some varieties growing up to 15 inches. However, the pompoms or lollipop varieties are only two inches tall. The strong stems make them excellent for landscaping patterns. Dahlias come in various colors, though orange is one of the most common blooms. They are most suited to hot climates and are perennial in zones 8-11. 



Hydrangeas are the ultimate summer flower. They can tolerate extreme heat and work well in many environments. The Hydrangea is a perennial flower that comes in many varieties. You can change the bloom colors by adjusting the soil acidity: hydrangeas produce a blue bloom in acidic soils and a pink hue in alkaline soils.



Hibiscus is famous for its showy pink, red or white petals. It grows as a shrub in warm regions but is a flower in the south and southwest. It is a perennial that blooms from late spring to the first frost, making it an excellent choice for enjoying the colorful flowers during your summer gardening. Hibiscus is most vibrant in full sun. 



Coneflowers are perennials that produce a purple to pink bloom. They flower from mid-summer into autumn. It is a hardy shrub that you can easily split to make new plants. Coneflowers are pollinator magnets and last long as beautiful cut flowers. 


Heirloom Roses

Heirloom Roses ooze sophistication with their bright white blooms nested together in groups of 8-10 stalks. They give off an alluring lemony scent. Heirloom Roses bloom from June to September, depending on the zone, and they remain vibrant all summer. 



Lantana is a heat-tolerant mounding flower that thrives in the garden. Apart from its elegant blooms, Lantana is a pollinator magnet that attracts bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies to your garden. For the best results, prune the stalks after first flowering to stimulate them to grow another set of buds to produce colorful flowers to enjoy.



Fuchsia is a modest flower that produces pink and white petals. It is a good option if you want a colorful flower that can grow in a shade garden. There are several varieties (both vining and trailing) that you can use to embellish your garden. 


Wheat Celosia

Wheat Celosia is a shrub that can grow up to four feet tall and comes in pink, red and purple shades. Its feathery bloom is very attractive, making it ideal for cutting colorful flowers. 


Rose of Sharon

If you seek a hardy flower that is easy to look after, the Rose of Sharon might be it. Rose of Sharon is a large shrub that blooms in late summer and loves plenty of sun. It tolerates drought and can do with little pruning, making it an excellent gardening choice. 



Carnations are distinctive flowers that stand out due to their bold red, white, creamy, and pink colors. Most varieties range between 9 to 12 inches though some can grow up to 24 inches. 

Colorful Flowers: Annuals


Gerber Daisies

Gerber Daisies are cheerful, colorful flowers that will enchant you with their brilliant blooms. They are annuals that come in various attractive colors ranging from pink to white, orange, and yellow. Gerber Daisies do well under the full sun but will struggle without direct sunlight. 



Otherwise known as the Mexican sage, Salvia comes in shades of red and purple. They are low-maintenance annuals that thrive under the full sun. Salvia produces sweet nectar that attracts pollinators, and it’s a favorite in any pollinator garden. They tolerate extreme heat and will bloom throughout the summer. 



Marigolds are lush double blooms that will light up your garden with colorful shades of yellow and gold. They are great for making elegant patterns in the garden due to their brilliant flowers with densely packed petals. Additionally, you can place Marigolds around patios and porches as a natural mosquito repellant to deter pests



Sunflowers are crowd favorites with their large yellow petals. Some varieties can grow 10-15 feet tall and produce broad flowers. Meanwhile, shorter types grow to about 4 or 5 feet and are ideal for hanging baskets and flower pots. Sunflowers thrive under direct sunlight.



Geraniums are an instant attraction due to their radiant pink flowers and white, coral and red shades. Geraniums are perfect for container gardening, hanging baskets, and tabletop displays. However, they also thrive in the garden under partial or complete shade. 

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