ShoutoutDFW: Meet Andrew Levi | Entrepreneur, Explorer, Inventor, Mentor

Gardening app PlantTAGG founder interview

ShoutoutDFW: Meet Andrew Levi | Entrepreneur, Explorer, Inventor, Mentor

PlantTAGG Founder & CEO Andrew Levi sat down with ShoutoutDFW to discuss entrepreneurship, plant care, technology innovation, and all things Dallas.

  The original article appeared on ShoutoutDFW on September 28, 2021 here. Excerpt: We had the good fortune of connecting with Andrew Levi and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Andrew, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business? While I have had several jobs working for others, I have mostly been driven to build my own businesses. I started selling greeting cards door to door when I was 12, had a lawn mowing business at 14 and a sizable paper route at 15. I owned a bar in college at 19 and started my first technology company at 26. My dad was career Navy and mom stayed at home with my sisters and I as we moved around the world. Being adopted at a couple days of age, the drive to start companies wasn’t genetic, but my parents always encouraged me to explore and make my own decisions. I moved to Dallas in 1989 with no job and a dream of writing software. Sterling Software took a chance on a young ambitious kid and gave me the start at my dream job as a software developer. From there I left in 1993 to start Aztec Systems where we incubated many software products and several separate companies. So, the “thought process” is – I only see the world as a place to explore, create, incubate, grow and make a difference through my own lens. Nothing else makes sense to me. What should our readers know about your business? Currently I am building and growing PlantTAGG, an artificial intelligence and data science driven mobile planform that helps gardeners achieve a better understanding and higher levels of success with all of the plants they own. PlantTAGG is a culmination of my life’s work in software, consumer engagement technologies and raw data science. Throughout my career in software I have earned 15 US patents for software innovation which Im extremely proud of. Innovating and building software companies is hard – and today harder than ever as “the world is flat. There are millions of smart tech entrepreneurs with grit and hustle working on world changing innovations in garages all around the world. It takes more hustle and forethought than ever to identify, incubate and build world-changing technology solutions. At PlantTAGG, we believe we have a lead position as the most advanced mobile gardening companion and we are running as fast as we can to stay ahead of other aspiring entrepreneurs in the space. Its important to approach software innovation knowing there are people smarter and better equipped to pass you somewhere in the world so you must run FAST and take risks that may not be obvious to out maneuver the competition. Read the complete article on the ShoutoutDFW website here.

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