Gardening: 5 Ways to Make It Part of Your Routine

Gardening: 5 Ways to Make It Part of Your Routine

One way to achieve gardening success is by building it into your daily or weekly routine. If you’re new to gardening, doing so can be a bit daunting, particularly if you’re growing many plants with varying needs. The good news is that there are ways to organize your schedule and get the most from your experience. Below are five strategies to build healthy and effective habits to help your gardens thrive.

Develop a Gardening Schedule

One of the first steps to successful gardening is to develop a good schedule. Start small. Typically, plan to spend about 30 minutes each day. Often, you may find that gardening for a brief period every few days is sufficient. Your schedule largely depends on the types of plants in your garden, the number of plants, and the current season and weather. During the spring and summer months, you may want to garden more frequently and take advantage of the good weather while you’re at it. In the winter, you can plan to spend less time in your outdoor garden, generally speaking.

There are several ways you can keep your schedule on track. You can manually set up reminders on your calendar or alarms on your smartphone. Of course, one of the most efficient ways to keep up with your garden’s needs is by using PlantTAGG. Once you set up your yard in PlantTAGG, we’ll send you monthly reminders on what your specific plants need to thrive. With PlantTAGG’s personalized plant care guidance, you’ll know exactly when to water, prune and fertilize your plants, and you can easily put these tasks into your daily or weekly routine.

Use Reliable Gardening Tools

Using reliable tools is another way to ensure your gardening stays on track. Buying high-quality tools and properly maintaining them can help you get the most from your gardening experience and help you avoid the need to buy more of them later. Also, make sure that your tools are the right size and weight for you to handle. It will make tasks more comfortable and efficient, making you more likely to build it into your routine. 

Take Advantage of Expert Advice

It’s important to know what types of plants are compatible with your geographic location. Of course, you can talk to your local garden center for advice. Additionally, PlantTAGG can help you select the right plants for your specific area. PlantTAGG offers a robust platform to help you determine Plant ID, companion plants, and more. With PlantTAGG’s “Ask an Expert” feature, we connect you with expert horticulturists and garden centers for your specific questions. With PlantTAGG, you can remove the guesswork and keep your garden alive and thriving.


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Maintain a Gardening Journal

Maintain a gardening journal to keep track of plant growth and gauge the performance of your garden. You can take notes on which plants you’re planting and when, along with the results and challenges. Keeping a journal is a great way to help you learn from any mistakes you make along the way and track your overall progress. You may find it encouraging that your garden performs better as you monitor the progress.

Weed as Soon as It’s Needed

While watering and fertilizing your plants regularly is required, it’s also important to be vigilant when it comes to weeding. The longer you wait to weed, the less your plants will be able to combat them and thrive. As soon as you see your plants’ first seedlings pop up, it’s time to start looking for weeds. Simply pulling a few weeds each day will help your plants, and mulch is a great way to keep weeds away. Eliminating weeds can help keep away pests as and make it look more beautiful in the long run. Weeding can be therapeutic and worthwhile, so make it part of your daily or weekly habits.

Ready to Make Gardening Part of Your Routine?

Taking all of these strategies into account to make gardening part of your daily routine can help you develop a healthy habit and make your yard and garden shine as well.

Ready to get started? Text ‘PLANTS’ to 46376 to set up your yard in PlantTAGG today. 

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