10 Low Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

low maintenance plants in a flower garden

10 Low Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

Flower gardening and residential landscaping can be great ways to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Studies show that gardening can reduce stress, provide general peace of mind, and promote resilience. Want to make it even easier on your psyche? Below are some of our favorite low maintenance plants to consider for your garden.


Low Maintenance Plants: Perennials


Perennials are great for long-lasting plants that you can enjoy every year. Even if your perennials appear to perish during the winter, the plants are vibrant again come spring when their roots are strong. Compared to annuals, perennials bloom for a shorter period and may not be as flashy, but they look spectacular and can be a great complement to the rest of your garden.


Shasta Daisies

An easy plant to grow is the Shasta Daisy, one of the many classic perennials you might recognize. These plants feature wide white blooms that tend to last into early fall. Shasta Daisies are typically grown in well-drained soil, and you can choose from a variety of heights. While tall Shasta Daisies are ideal for creating a colorful backdrop, short flowers are great for lining borders.


Perennial Geraniums

If you’re looking for the perfect border plant, the Perennial Geranium is a great option, especially in an area with partial to total shade. These plants are vibrantly colored and can last for many months, beginning in the late spring. One of the benefits of these geraniums is that they attract butterflies while deterring rabbits. 



Coneflowers are mid-summer bloomers. They make beautiful cut flowers, and they come in a wide range of colors. Another perk is that coneflowers deter deer while attracting butterflies. For best results, plant coneflowers in areas exposed to full sunlight.



Catmint produces beautiful blue flowers, typically from April through October. Remember that catmint grows tall and tends to spread quickly, so make sure there’s plenty of room for it to grow in your garden area. Catmint is drought-tolerant once established, and it loves full sun to partial shade. If you want to attract hummingbirds or butterflies, you’ll likely draw some visitors with catmint.



Another great perennial to consider is a fern. Ferns grow well in the shade. There are many different varieties of ferns available, with plants that grow short or tall. Gardeners often use them for adding texture.


Low Maintenance Plants: Annuals


Many people love to plant annuals. They bring a vibrant pop of color that can last all season long. The downside is that, as the name suggests, you must plant these beautiful blooms annually. 



Pansies are excellent for brightening gardens throughout the early spring to late fall. Their bold color and ability to withstand cooler temperatures make them a crowd favorite for planting in early spring. Additionally, pansies can last into the winter season if you live in an area with a warmer winter climate.



Snapdragons are among the most popular annuals because they’re one of the easiest to grow in any area with ample sunlight. They can hold up in the cold. Additionally, they typically bloom throughout the summer in most places, though they don’t do as well in long periods of hot and humid temperatures. You can grow snapdragons in garden beds, containers, or borders.


Sweet Asylums

Sweet asylums are versatile, and they generally complement any other plant you want to showcase in your garden. Choose from many color options, including lavender, pink, purple, and white. As long as they have plenty of sun, your sweet asylums should be happy all season long.



Marigolds are an everlasting classic for a good reason. They’re both gorgeous and easy to grow as long as you’re past the last frost. Marigolds come in many shades of orange, yellow, and red, and various sizes are available to complement your garden size and make-up.



Pentas annuals love hot and sunny areas. Once these plants have a chance to grow, they bloom into beautiful clusters of pink, white, lavender, or red during the summer months or year-round in areas with warmer climates. Pentas also attract plenty of butterflies and hummingbirds, making them a great addition to any pollinator garden. 


Select Your Low Maintenance Plants Today

With any of these low-maintenance plants, you’ll be able to grow an incredible residential garden just about any time of the year. And to make caring for your new plants even easier, use PlantTAGG! It is free to use with nothing to download or install. Simply text “PLANTS” to 46376 to get started. 

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