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Landscaping Service – Why You Should Use a Professional

landscaping service hedging a shrub

Landscaping Service – Why You Should Use a Professional

A well-maintained landscape takes a lot of forethought and hard work, especially for it to shine all year. While you might have some general knowledge – such as how to apply landscape design principles or how to use landscape design to increase your home value, hiring a landscaping service can help.


This article focuses on the benefits of working with a professional landscaping service and several considerations to keep in mind when planning residential garden areas.



Landscaping Service – Why Hire One?



Get excellent ideas that work

Since professional landscapers work with multiple clients, they understand how designs or ideas might work across varying terrain. After all, backyards face different challenges related to size, architecture, slope, and other elements. Based on similar past customer designs, a professional landscaping service will know if the ideas you want to incorporate into your yard will work or not.


Avoid landscaping pitfalls

Professionals know how to avoid the common DIY pitfalls. These mistakes can cost you time and money. For example, suppose you plant several plants and shrubs in your backyard and fail to install an irrigation or sprinkler system. In that case, you may need to redesign the entire yard to integrate the missing elements. Landscaping service experts can avoid such pitfalls, thereby getting your project done on time and within budget.


Free up your time

There is no doubt developing a yard from scratch or prepping for a new garden takes time. Additionally, figuring out how best to care for the area can be challenging. Depending on your layout, you’ll need to mow the grass, water the flowers, mulch the beds, or prune the trees. Some aspects also need specialized equipment, skills, and experience. A professional landscaping service company will take care of the challenging maintenance tasks so that you enjoy your yard without any worries.


Receive expert care from a landscaping service

Professional landscaping services can diagnose and treat yard and garden issues quickly in most cases. For example, if your flowers or trees are losing leaves, professionals know the right treatments to stop further damage. Additionally, landscape professionals can advise on how to prevent these issues from occurring in the future.


Landscaping Service Considerations for Your Residential Garden Areas

Whether you are redesigning your landscape or making a few changes to tweak the existing design, there are several factors to consider before starting your project, such as:



Your first step is to understand your location, including the soil type, regional climate, and topography of your site. You can leverage the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to gain insights. You’ll want to understand components such as how the sunlight hits your yard or how the water flows after a storm. Using PlantTAGG automates this knowledge to help you make better plant selections and planting choices for your specific yard and garden.


Use case

It would help if you also considered the people who will be using your yard. Working with an experienced landscaping service can help design a space appropriately. Notably, a yard that children or pets will use may have a different design from that intended for adult entertainment. When developing the use cases, keep in mind your maintenance style and budget as well.


Plant care and maintenance 

When designing a landscape plan, a good practice is to start with the end in mind. Consider the plants’ maintenance needs, growth rates, and maturity sizes before selecting any plants or shrubs. Similarly, during the planting stage, ensure your plants have enough room to reach their mature size without any problems. Simplify future maintenance by planning low-maintenance landscaping from the beginning. A landscaping service will be able to help guide you through the process with ease.


Getting Help from a Landscaping Service

Hiring a professional landscaping service can help save you time and money. The right landscaping team can keep your outdoor space looking beautiful and well-maintained throughout all seasons. Additionally, a landscaper can make sure the area is functional for your family’s needs. 


Finally, use PlantTAGG to help make better plant selection choices and planting decisions and help with care guidance. PlantTAGG lets you know exactly when to water, prune, and fertilize the plants in your new landscape design. Text ‘PLANTS’ to 46376 to get started – PlantTAGG is free to use with nothing to download or install. 


If you are a professional landscaper, we’d love to talk with you about the PlantTAGG Landscaper Program. It’s a great way to build your brand, get referrals, and offer a unique value-add to your customers. Get in touch today to find out if you qualify for this incredible new program!

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