What is PlantTAGG?

Gardening can be challenging. PlantTAGG can help!

PlantTAGG is the world’s smartest plant care mobile app. We partnered with PlantTAGG to help you achieve higher levels of gardening success.  You can use PlantTAGG in the garden center and at home. It can help you select plants that will thrive in your yard and suggest companion plants for your specific microclimates.

PlantTAGG delivers hyper-local plant care guidance for all the plants in your yard – not just those from our garden center.  Gardening challenges – no problem! PlantTAGG includes an ‘Ask-an-Expert’ feature, which uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and data science to answer your questions and diagnose problems instantly based on your specific plant and where you live.

Getting Started with PlantTAGG

In Our Garden Center: Look for the PlantTAGG signs and scan the QR code or ask one of our store associates for help getting started.

At Home: Scan the QR code on one of our PlantTAGG tags available at our garden center.

It’s easy and rich with features!

Choose the Right Plant for Your Situation


Use PlantTAGG to discover, research, and ‘Favorite’ plants as you shop. PlantTAGG’s ‘Thrive Scorecard’ predicts how well a plant will work in your specific yard and will even suggest well-suited companion plants.

Get Plant Recommendations for Your Specific Yard.

The number one question asked of garden centers and experienced gardeners is “can you recommend plants for my yard”. This is not an easy question to answer. A thoughtful response must consider many factors such as the climatic conditions of the planting location, sunlight, moisture and soil, but also the style and desired features of the plant. Our ‘Suggest a Plant’ feature uses cutting edge data science and AI in response to your input to recommend plants that will best meet your needs.

Setup Your Yard and Plants

At home, it’s easy to set up your Yard and micro-climates (‘Zones’) and quickly add all your plants. PlantTAGG generates a custom season map based on precisely where you live. It will then generate hyper-local care recommendations for every plant to help you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Garden with Confidence

Rest assured you have the most accurate and precise guidance for your exact location and plants. PlantTAGG uses cutting-edge data science and world-class plant content from the USDA, Texas A&M, North Carolina State, NOAA, certified Master Gardeners and our dedicated team of horticulture experts. Add custom recurring tasks with reminders to ensure your gardening success. The more you use PlantTAGG the smarter it gets as it learns how you garden.

Landscape Your Yard

Use PlantTAGG’s landscaping feature to create the perfect yard enhancement. Choose from pre-configured landscape designs complete with plants hand-picked by Master Gardeners for your location and design style. PlantTAGG can even suggest ‘Companion Plants’ based on what you have or may add.

Expert Help When You Need It

Powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence and image recognition, ‘Ask an Expert’ can diagnose up to 80 unique plant problems and provide answers tailored to your specific plant, precise location, planting conditions, and time of year.

‘Last Seen At’ helps you find plants without driving all over town.

Ever been in search of a specific plant and spent hours driving between garden centers to find it? ‘Last Seen At’ knows where that perfect plant was seen last based on store visitors using PlantTAGG to make in-store plant selections and will even map your route there.